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Pole Position: The Animated Series

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Pole Position: The Animated Series

Published 1984

Pole Position is an animated cartoon series produced by DIC Entertainment.
The name Pole Position was used under license from Namco, who held the rights to the name due to the video game Pole Position. The show sought to capitalize on the popularity of the video game. However, there is very little in common between the game and the show.

Pole Position ran for 13 episodes on CBS in 1984 as part of their Saturday morning children's programming line-up, and later returned in reruns for a few months in 1986. It was also shown in the UK during the 1980s on CBBC and repeated in the early 1990s on Saturday mornings as part of Going Live on BBC1.

The show featured three young sibling crime fighters, two of whom were stunt drivers and part of a secret government operation under the guise of the "Pole Position Stunt Show" that was run by their uncle. The youths inherited the role after their parents died in an unfortunate car accident. The team is equipped with two high-tech talking vehicles named "Roadie" and "Wheels."

The vehicles featured numerous hidden gadgets like water skis and hover jets. The vehicles' computers themselves are portable and can be removed from the dashboards and carried around using handles (thus they are often referred to as "the modules"). They are characters that appeared as computer-drawn faces displayed on video screens.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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